Woolite Pet Urine Eliminator +Enzyme Action 22 oz

Continuous cleaning with enzyme action. For carpet, rugs & upholstery. Eliminates tough pet stains and odors. Continues to work for 24 hours to remove the stain to the backing (for heavily soiled areas, maximize enzyme action by covering with a clean, damp cloth so the area remains moist for 12-24 hours. Uncover to dry. Patented odor technology eliminates tough pet odors. Eliminates Tough Pet Stains and Odors Like: urine; feces; vomit; blood. Family and pet safe when used as directed. Safe on all colorfast carpets including wool, nylon, acrylic, and stain resistant carpet. www.woolitecarpet.com. Download for additional information. Don't have a code reader app? Text a picture of the code to 43588 or email to scan(at)scanlife.com. Questions or Comments: Call 1-800-430-7547. Visit our website at: www.woolitecarpet.com. Bottle contains minimum of 25% post consumer recycled plastic. Please separate and recycle.