Loreal Paris Sunscreen, Age Perfect, Hydra-Nutrition, Facial Oil, SPF 30

Other Information: Protect the product in this container from excessive heat and direct sun. Misc: New. Broad spectrum SPF 30. Instant glow. Daily sunscreen oil. Nourishing moisture. For mature, dry skin. UV filters + essential oils. Questions, comments or for personalized skincare advice: 1-800-322-2036. www.lorealparis.com. Because you're worth it. Why Is Hydra-Nutrition Daily Facial Oil SPF 30 Right for Me? As skin matures, natural oil production can decrease by up to 40%. Daily exposure to harmful UV rays further compromises its ability to retain moisture, leaving skin dehydrated and lackluster. Innovation for Mature Skin: Our lightweight, non-greasy facial oil is absorbed quickly to instantly moisturize, nourish and strengthen mature skin. With 8 essential oils, and broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen, our formula penetrates into skin's surface layer for long-lasting hydration, ultra-soft comfort and a healthy glow. See Effective Results: Immediately: Skin is replenished with hydration. Over Time: Skin is deeply nourished with moisture and soft with a radiant, healthy glow. Dermatologist tested for safety. Suitable for sensitive skin. Non-greasy. Made in USA.