CLIF® Whey Protein Mint Chocolate Almond Bar 1.98 oz. Wrapper

New. Non-GMO ingredient sources. 14 g protein. 5 g sugar. Natural flavor. Even when I'm between adventures, I still need a protein boost. That's why we created Clif Whey Protein Bar, with 5 grams of sugar and 14 grams of protein - including whey, pea, and brown rice protein - this tasty, crispy bar is kitchen crafted with the nutritious stuff your active body craves. Nuts and nut butters? Got 'em. Rolled oats? Copy that! Sugar alcohols? Not in our food. Clif Whey Protein Bar has what you want to get you to your next adventure. - Gary. Founder and owner of Clif Bar & Company. 1-800-Clifbar M-F 8-5 PST. Clif Bar Family Foundation. Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa. Low Glycemic: Low-glycemic-index foods ingest slowly for prolonged levels of energy. Made in Canada.