McCormick Gourmet All Natural Mexican Oregano 0.5 oz

Stronger and less sweet than Mediterranean oregano, McCormick Gourmet Organic Mexican Oregano adds robust flavor to Southwestern and Mexican dishes and grilled meats and seafood. A member of the verbena family, Mexican oregano grows wild in the hot sun and sandy soil of Mexico. Less heralded than its Mediterranean cousin, Mexican oregano is equally deserving of the culinary spotlight. It brings strong, earthy flavor with a peppery bite and lemony finish. Mexican cooks rely on the flavor of oregano for a wide variety of dishes, including fresh or cooked salsa, meat mixtures for burritos and tacos, enchilada sauce, pozole and refried beans. It also seasons Tex-Mex chili, arroz con pollo, and Cuban black beans and ropa vieja.