Duncan Hines Creamy Strawberries 'n Cream Frosting, 16 OZ

Duncan Hines Creamy Strawberries 'n Cream Frosting makes it easy to whip up irresistible treats with a delicious pink frosting. The strawberries and cream flavor of this cake frosting satisfies your sweet, fruity cravings. Perfect for any occasion, this cupcake frosting pairs well with vanilla or fruit flavored desserts. One 16 ounce can of strawberry frosting is enough to generously frost two 8" or 9" cake layers, a 13" x 9" cake or up to 36 cupcakes. Store the unopened can at room temperature, stirring before use. Cover and refrigerate remaining frosting for up to 30 days. From whipped frosting, to single serve desserts, Duncan Hines has you covered when you’re ready to bake and create.