Farmer's Pantry Cornbread Crisps 6 oz

10 g whole grains per serving. Bake not fried. Proudly made grown in America. We Americans are a driven people. We push boundaries. Try new things. We move the world forward. The pursuit of better is in our DNA. We are always hungry. Farmer's pantry. Is committed to feeding your hunger. Literally. So we've created cornbread crisps made from real corn – just like the corn found in a farmer's pantry. These are baked, not fried, to be as wholesome and delicious as they can possibly be. We're also hungry to make our great nation even better – that's why we're giving back to American farmers so they can not only survive, but thrive (Check out our website for more on how we give back and for more about our brand). Farmer's pantry. Feed your hunger. United snacks of America. Made in the USA.