Campbell's® Heart Healthy Cream Of Chicken Soup 22.600 oz

Add rich, creamy flavor to your favorite dishes with Campbell's® Condensed Heart Healthy* Cream of Chicken Soup. This creamy chicken soup is crafted with farm-fresh cream, chicken stock, and tender chicken meat with no antibiotics to provide a deliciously smooth foundation to any recipe. The result is a heart healthy soup* with 50% less fat and 50% less sodium than our regular product.** Use it as an ingredient in recipes like Healthy Chicken Enchiladas, or substitute it for roux or bechamel as a sauce starter. Campbell’s® convenient canned soup is a year-round pantry staple and a must-have for creating something quick and easy. It's also delicious on its own or with a sandwich or salad. Simply mix the condensed soup with 1 can of water or nonfat milk and microwave on high for 6 to 8 minutes, or heat in a pot on the stove, stirring occasionally. Each 22.6 oz family-size can contains about 5 servings of microwave soup. (*While many factors affect heart disease, diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of this disease. **Contains 410mg sodium and 2.5g of fat per serving vs. 870mg sodium and 8g fat in our regular Cream of Chicken)