Swanson® Sipping Chicken Bone Broth 10.750 oz

Sip and savor the goodness of Swanson® Sipping Chicken Bone Broth. We simmer a mix of chicken stock, real bones, vegetables, herbs and spices to create a savory bone broth with rich, full-bodied flavor. Made with 100% natural, non-GMO ingredients, Swanson® sipping bone broth is a simple yet flavorful way to add collagen protein to your diet. Each single-serve cup of chicken broth contains 10 grams of protein* and 50 calories. To prepare, simply microwave uncovered for 1 minute, then sip straight from the container. With our convenient microwavable cups of bone broth soup, enjoying a nourishing snack on the go has never been easier. Drink a warm cup of Swanson® sipping broth instead of coffee or tea for a delicious, satisfying addition to your everyday routine, or try it as a nutritious alternative to regular chicken soup when you’re feeling under the weather. (*Not a good source of protein)