Luzianne Iced Tea, Half Caff, Bags, Family Size 18 Ea

50% Less caffeine (This product contains 16 mg of caffeine per 8 fl oz serving. Luzianne regular tea contains 33 mg per 8 fl oz serving). Specially blended for Iced Tea. Family owned since 1902. Authentic Southern Iced Tea: There's nothing as refreshing and invigorating as a glass of home-brewed Luzianne iced tea. Perhaps that's because of all we do before you ever brew it. Searching five continents for the perfect tea leaves. Carefully selecting and specially blending them for iced tea. Then there's the hundred-plus years of heritage and iced-tea experience in every bag. When you consider all this, the choice is clear. Luzianne is the right tea for iced tea. Satisfaction guaranteed. SmartLabel. For information visit us at; 1.800.535.1961. Please include best by date when contacting us.