SUJA Kombucha, Organic, Mixed Berries

Raspberry and blueberry flavors come together for a tart and sweet balanced treat to make up the Suja Organic Cold-Pressed Mixed Berries Kombucha. Packed with beneficial ingredients such as black tea kombucha culture, raspberry, blueberry, cane sugar, schizandra berry, inactivated bacillus coagulans and probiotic lactobacillus rhamnosus, this probiotic drink provides a great way to quench your afternoon cravings with a refreshing bubbly drink, without the gluten and dairy. Includes one 15.2 oz. bottle of Suja Organic Cold-Pressed Mixed Berries Kombucha. Suja Organic Cold-Pressed Mixed Berries Kombucha is USDA Certified Organic, Verified Non-Alcoholic, then uses high pressure processing (HPP) to maintain nutrients and fresh taste. Suja is made sunny in San Diego, where we pick our favorite local fruits and veggies and then chill them out with cold pressure to keep them feeling fresh and tasting delicious. We bottle up the power of plants so you can make nutrition your bliss!