Similac Expert Care Infant Formula, with Iron, Hypoallergenic Powder, Birth-12 Months

Alimentum for food allergies and colic (Due to protein sensitivity). DHA/ARA. No. 1 brand fed in hospitals. Makes approx 115 fl oz (When mixed as directed, makes approx. 115 fl oz of formula.) Alimentum contains a milk protein that is broken down into tiny pieces to virtually eliminate allergic reactions in most babies allergic to cow's milk protein. Breast milk is recommended. If you choose to use infant formula, the makers of Similac have a formula that's right for your baby. Have product-related questions? Call 1-800-515-7677, 8:30 am-5:00 pm, Eastern time, weekdays. Similac formulas for every baby's nutritional needs. Use as directed by your baby's doctor. Advance: Complete nutrition for the 1st year. Advance. For Supplementation. Organic. Sensitive: For babies with fussiness, gas, & spit-up. Sensitive. Total Comfort. Spit-up. Soy. Expert Care: For babies needing extra TLC. Alimentum. Neosure. Diarrhea. And Similac Go & Grow for toddlers learning to eat table food. Our Feeding Expert hotline is available to help you with feeding questions: 800-986-8800. C. cohnii oil is a source of DHA. M. alpina oil is a source of ARA.