Gerber Pea Carrot Spinach, 2 Pack 2 Ea

Gerber 2nd Foods Pea Carrot Spinach stage 2 baby food helps to encourage your baby's love of veggies with wholesome puree food with age-appropriate nutrition and texture. The baby food vegetables used in this Gerber baby food stage 2 meet Gerber's high-quality standards, combining wholesome, non-GMO pea, spinach and carrot puree into a delicious and healthy option for your baby. Unsalted with no artificial flavors or colors, this Gerber baby food is lovingly made with 92 peas, 2/3 carrot and 3/4 spinach leaf in every Gerber puree tub, providing your baby with the best ingredients possible. Gerber stage 2 baby food helps expose babies to a variety of tastes and ingredient combinations, which is essential to help them accept new flavors. This Gerber carrot, pea and spinach food comes packaged in plastic tubs for convenient storage and portioning.