Pace® Mild Nacho Cheese Sauce 10.500 oz

Be the hero on game day with Pace® Mild Nacho Cheese Sauce. This classic cheese dip sauce makes a delicious cheese dip for chips or topping for your favorite dishes. This smooth mild cheese sauce is versatile enough for all taste buds. Made with real cheese, this canned cheese sauce adds rich, creamy flavor with a mild heat level so it's not too spicy. Use it as traditional nachos cheese to drizzle over tortilla chips along with your other favorite toppings or use it as the base for a delicious nacho cheese dip with beans, ground beef and other favorite ingredients. This Pace® queso cheese dip is also delicious with hot dogs, fries and soft pretzels for a variety of snacks at your next party, game day or any day. This cheese chip dip comes in a can for convenient storage in your pantry so you're always prepared when you have a craving for queso dip.