MusclePharm Sport Series Drink Mix, Protein Powder, Combat, Vanilla

Natural and artificial flavors. The athletes complete protein. Take Anytime: Morning, pre/post workout & night. Award winning taste & quality. University Studied. Banned substance tested. Trusted by sport. Fuel Muscles & Performance For Hours! People who train hard demand a superior and more effective protein. To maximize lean muscle growth and recovery ensuring proper protein utilization, MusclePharm scientists fortified Combat Protein Powder with a variety of protein blends that digest at varying rates - this helps fuel you muscles longer. The great-tasting, easy-mixing digestive blend is fine-tuned for true nutrient utilization - a step ahead in protein powder technology. Most other protein products seem to be okay with the status quo, the minimum. But ask yourself: do you give your workouts minimum effort? MusclePharm scientists over-delivered. Combat Protein Powder is precision-engineered with whey protein concentrates, hydrolysates and isolates, egg albumin, and micellar casein. These help create a muscle-building environment for loner periods of time, which results in greater muscle building, recovery and performance. Key Features: 25 g award winning taste & easy to mix protein. 5 powerful proteins: fast & slow digesting. Take it anytime: morning, pre/post workout & night. Benefit from 5 Protein Sources: Fast digesting. Slow digesting. Whey Protein Hydrolysate: Broken down into faster-absorbing peptides, this rapidly infuses muscle-building amino acids. Whey Protein Isolate: Digests and absorbs rapidly and is, gram for gram, the highest available yield of protein. Whey Protein Concentrate: Closest to whole food and contains real subtractions. Egg Albumin: Highly bioavailable and is high in naturally-occurring BCAAs and arginine. Micellar Casein: Digests slowly, infusing valuable amino acids over several hours. MP: Real athletes. Real science. Performance. Strength. Build muscle. Time released protein. 25 g protein. 5 protein sources. Gluten free. MP: Sports Science Institute. Learn more about the most advanced exploration in athletic performance. Made in a cGMP registered facility. Packaged in USA.