Slim Jim Smoked Snack Stick, Dill Pickle Flavored, Giant Slim 0.97 oz

Experience classic Vlasic Pickle flavor with delicious Slim Jim Giant Size Dill Pickle Meat Sticks. Made with beef, pork and chicken, these pickle flavored snack sticks contain no artificial flavors or colors for full meaty flavor everyone can love. Each meat stick serving is loaded with 6 grams of protein, ideal for protein snacks that kick hunger to the curb and leave you feeling satisfied. These individually wrapped snacks go where you go and are perfect as travel snacks, school snacks or anywhere meat snacks. Slim Jim Giant Size Dill Pickle Meat Sticks offer a bold and tasty way to take on the day. The individual snacks are perfect for on-the-go snacking, so you are ready to hit back when savory cravings hit. Slim Jim keeps it interesting with a full line of beef sticks, snack sticks, pork rinds and jerky. Snap into a Slim Jim(R)!