Mc Cormick Salt Free Sauté Business By Tabitha Brown Seasoning Mix 1.25 oz

Add savory flavor to any vegetables- because that’s your business- with McCormick® Sauté Business Seasoning Mix. It’s created in partnership with Tabitha Brown, who brings joyful plant-based recipe inspirations in her videos and cookbook. This salt free blend of fragrant spices like garlic, ginger and cinnamon along with sesame oil adds flavor excitement to sautéed vegetables. To prepare, sauté assorted cut-up fresh veggies, add a mix of the seasoning, water and coconut aminos or soy sauce, and simmer to thicken the sauce. Tabitha serves it over rice or noodles, like so, like that, for a complete meal that’s also vegan! For non-vegans with a craving for Asian food, it’s a teriyaki marinade for salmon with the soy sauce; use oyster sauce and it’s a stir fry seasoning for chicken; or use fish sauce and it’s a sauce for Thai food.