Mam Pacifiers, Matte Collection, 0 6 Months 2 Ea

Original. Developed with dentists. Soothes & comforts the baby. 94% nipple acceptance. Skin soft silicone. Colors of nature. International Children Medical Research Society: MAM products are developed in cooperation with ICMRS and other experts. Shield: Curved for maximum comfort. Gentle on skin with big air holes and unique inside surface. Skinsoft Silicone: Easily accepted by babies. For a familiar feeling. Button: Easy to hold. Easily attaches to a clip. MAM Nipple: Orthodontic. Sterilizer box 3 min. Disinfected in 3 minutes - for up to 48 hours. Details on the inside of the box. MAM microwave sterilizer & carry box. For 2 pacifiers just add water insert pacifier and microwave. Proven effective in killing common household germs and bacteria. Pacifiers kept in unopened box stay disinfected for up to 48 hours. The MAM principle: Parents are demanding. At MAM, we are too. That's why, for over 40 years, we have worked with medical and research experts to develop products that are unique in function and design, MAM products support the individual development of every child and make everyday life easier for babies. Nipple with SkinSoft silicone surface feels familiar to babies. MAM pacifiers are the result of our close collaboration with pediatricians, dentists and arthodentists. The natural feeling nipple is comfortable for babies and reassuring for parents. The special nipple and shield design ensure a perfect fit and skin friendly shape. proven effectiveness: market research confirms that 94% of babies accept the MAM skinsoft silicone nipple. Market research 2010-2019 tested with 1,463 babies! Available in 3 sizes to ensure safety and comfort. FSC: Mix - packaging. Using our sterilizer box saves up to 77% (Global product carbon footprint study, Austria 2013, conducted by denkstatt) of energy & CO2.