Kingsford Charcoal Briquets 8 lb

Garlic, onion and paprika come together for unique, one-of-a-kind taste. Get savory, caramelized flavor you can see, smell and taste with Kingsford® Signature Flavors Charcoal Briquettes. Made with a hickory wood blend, this grilling charcoal comes pre-mixed with flavor boosters that steadily release garlic, onion and paprika flavor for an elevated grilling experience. The classic charcoal briquettes for grilling give an authentic smoky flavor to each bite and will bring joy to your taste buds. Kingsford® Signature Flavors Charcoal Briquettes are easy to add to any charcoal grill*. The 100% real spice flavor pairs well with chicken, beef, pork, fish and vegetables. We’ve made things easy with convenient sizing — an 8-pound bag equals about two uses. For optimal performance store your Kingsford® Signature Flavors Briquettes in a cool, dry place. *See back of pack for instructions.