Healthy Hide Good 'n' Fit Bone, Gourmet Dog Treats

Natural Rawhide: Open pasture, grass fed beefhide. Scientifically formulated for health. Preferred 9:1. Fortified with Vitamin E and Omega fatty acids. Care: For your dog with goodness. Skin & Coat Chews. Goodness that tastes good. Health is at the heart of skin & coat chews, fortified to give your dog a luxurious coat and soft skin. Shiny, healthy coats and soft skin start with good n fit skin & coat chews. You want only the best for your dog. So give him Good 'n' Fit Skin & Coat Chews. Studies indicate that many dogs are prone to skin and coat issues. Made by hand, each is fortified with a carefully selected blend of ingredients known to promote softer skin and beautiful, luxurious coat, making it an important part of your dog's grooming home care program. Supports healthy skin & luxurious coat. Fortified with Vitamin E & Omega-6 fatty acids. Delicious beefhide derived from premium, open-pasture, grass fed cattle. Preferred 9 to 1 over traditional non-flavored beefhide chews. Manufactured under strict food safety guidelines. Satisfaction Guaranteed: Good n Fit Skin & Coat Chews are produced from the finest materials and under strict quality control guidelines. We are so confident that you will be pleased with our products. Scientifically formulated for skin and coat health. Thank you for trying our products. Made in Global Food Safety Standard Facilities. Made in Mexico.