P.F. Chang's Home Menu Beef and Broccoli Bowl, Frozen Meal, 11 oz.

Experience a delicious, restaurant-style dining experience at home with P.F. Chang's Home Menu Beef and Broccoli Bowl. Featuring white rice with tender beef and broccoli in savory soy and garlic sauce with sesame seed garnish for frozen meals with authentic Asian food flavor. Made with all natural* beef, this frozen meal contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, ensuring delicious and satisfying frozen entrees every time. Ideal for those craving something special, these microwave meals provide the gourmet experience of restaurant-quality cuisine in quick frozen meals that can be prepared in the comfort of your home. Simply cook this frozen food in the microwave according to the package instructions for easily prepared meals in minutes. Store these 11 ounce frozen entrees in your freezer until you're ready to enjoy. Stay in. Eat like you didn’t. *Minimally processed; no artificial ingredients.