Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean Maple Biscuit Roll Ups, Sausage, Frozen Breakfast, 2 Count 8 ea

Start your morning off right with Jimmy Dean Maple Biscuit Roll Ups. These delicious breakfast roll ups feature whole pieces of sausage, eggs and cheese, wrapped in a soft, flaky biscuit with a maple flavor kids will love. Portable and kid friendly, these bakery quality maple biscuit roll ups are perfect for a breakfast at work, school or on the go. These breakfast rolls contain 9 grams of protein per serving, making it a good option as an addition to any morning meal for kids and adults alike. Perfect for when you are short on time in the morning, these roll ups are fully cooked and are quick and easy to prepare in a microwave. Simply place the roll ups on a microwave safe plate, cook for one minute, allow to cool and enjoy. Includes one 12.8 ounce package of Jimmy Dean Maple Biscuit Roll Ups.