Stone Ridge Creamery Sundae Nut Cones, Variety

Artificially flavored vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, artificially flavored vanilla ice cream with caramel center each with a peanut topped chocolaty coating in a sugar cone. At Stone Ridge Creamery we know that nothing compares to the enjoyment of your favorite ice cream treat. A warm breeze, some change in your hand, and the sound of the ice cream truck approaching can really take you back. Remember the excitement of running out to meet it and choosing a favorite sweet treat? Now, bring that feeling home to share with family and friends. Whether you prefer our ice cream sandwiches, bars or cones, were sure you'll find a smile in every bite. At Stone Ridge Creamery it's summer all year long. We're committed to your satisfaction and guarantee the quality of this product. Contact us at 1-877-932-7948, or Please have package available. Supervalu quality guaranteed. Product of USA.