Eggo Frozen Pancakes, Blueberry 14.8 oz

Wake up and greet the day with the feel-good taste of Eggo Frozen Blueberry Pancakes. Enjoy classic flavor that pairs deliciously with your favorite breakfast sides. These blueberry pancakes are crafted with delicious, pantry-perfect staples and the craveable, pleasantly sweet taste of blueberries. They create a perfect balance of fluffy goodness and delicious flavor. These satisfying frozen pancakes are made with colors and flavors from natural sources; They also provide a good source of eight vitamins and minerals (see nutrition information for sodium content). Conveniently packaged and easy to prepare, Eggo Frozen Blueberry Pancakes bring warmth and smiles to busy mornings. Great for families and individuals alike, these delicious pancakes are made to enjoy as a stand-alone breakfast treat or with your favorite morning toppings such as butter and syrup, jellies and preserves, and whipped cream. They're just so delicious, would you L'Eggo your Eggo?