Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Chocolate Milk & Cookies, Topped 15.2 Fl Oz

Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Milk & Cookies Topped ice cream features chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip cookies and a chocolate cookie swirl topped with milk chocolatey ganache and fudge chips. If you're a chocolate cookie lover - or any kind of chocolate lover, really - this pint should be at the Topped of your shopping list! We've given our classic Milk & Cookies ice cream an extra chocolatey twist and added it to the Topped lineup! Cookie lovers know that dunking your cookies in milk is good, but dunking them in chocolate milk is on a whole 'other level. Add in a decadent milk chocolatey ganache topping plus fudge chips, and you're destined for the great state of chocolate cookie euphoria. There are precious few desserts that aren't enhanced with the addition of more chocolate. In fact, we're having trouble coming up with any at all. Tap into your inner chocolate milk-loving kid and take this pint for a spin! Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Milk & Cookies Topped ice cream is made with non-GMO sourced ingredients, including eggs from cage-free hens and Fairtrade Certified cocoa, sugar, and vanilla. Plus, it comes in responsibly sourced packaging, so you can feel good about every scoop!