Friskies Cat Food, with Wild Caught Cod & Kale in Sauce, Mini Bites 5.5 oz

Transform mealtime into a scrumptious seafood feast when you serve her Friskies Wet Cat Food Wild Favorites With Wild Caught Cod and Kale in Sauce. Made with real cod, this recipe has kale for meow-worthy goodness. Delicious bite-sized chunks in a flavorful sauce offer her a texture she loves to sink her teeth into at every feeding. Every can of this high-quality cat food has essential nutrients your adult cat needs to be her thriving, playful self. Our cat-approved recipe doesn’t have any artificial colors or preservatives. Fill your cat companion’s bowl with the yummy Friskies taste she loves while offering her 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats. When you give her a delicious can of Friskies premium cat food, you’re offering her amazing ingredients you both can love. Make mealtimes exciting by feeding her this purr-worthy recipe.