noosa Yoghurt, Honey, 8 oz, Whole Milk Yogurt, Grade-A Pasteurized, Gluten Free, Probiotic, Made With the Finest Quality Ingredients

It’s easy to comb through a tub of the lightly-sweetened deliciousness that is honey noosa yogurt. Our tart and creamy whole milk yogurt is paired with a touch of the golden stuff – wild flower honey. Our honey yoghurt is infused with a touch of pure wildflower honey, sourced in North America, for a unique, lightly sweetened, totally awesome taste. Try it and it will make you a bee-liever. Honey noosa yogurt is made with rBGH Free*, Grade A whole milk from happy Colorado cows. Honey noosa is yum on a spoon, offering a thick, creamy yoghurt leaving you satisfied with rich texture, amazing flavor and the right amount of sweetness! The fun part of eating noosa yogurt is deciding how to savor its wonderful flavors. Indulge in a tub of honey noosa whole milk yogurt as is, or add in your favorite fresh fruit or other fab toppings. Any way you scoop it, it is magical! Honey noosa yogurt 8oz tub is not only packed with tons of flavor but also 13g of protein – perfection in every tub. noosa probiotic yogurt is , gluten free, made with live and active cultures and of course contains no artificial preservatives. Honey noosa yogurt comes in a large 8 oz size, offering plenty to curb your hunger between meals, or to satisfy your sweet tooth. Grab a spoon and try it for yourself – tasting is believing. *according to the FDA, no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBGH treated and non-rBGH treated cows