Capri Sun 100% Juice, Watermelon 10 ea

Splash into adventure. Capri Sun Watermelon Flavored 100% Juice Blend from Concentrate with added ingredients and other natural flavor delivers refreshing hydration with all-natural ingredients to fuel your fun all day long. Capri Sun 100% Juice is made with no added sugar, only sugar that comes naturally from fruit juices. Each pouch contains 3/4 cup of fruit juice, Our all-natural whole fruit juice is free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Packaged in individual pouches for convenience, Capri Sun juice is perfect for school lunches and on-the-go activities. Stock up with our 10 ct pack of Capri Sun, the taste kids love. If you enjoy Capri Sun 100% Juice, be sure to explore all of our varieties. There are so many ways to squeeze the day.