Brillo Scrubbers, Original, All-Purpose, 2 Pack 2 ea

Rinses clean! Resists odor. Odor resistant. No scratch scrubber. Soft in warm water. Firm in cold water. Brilliant beyond the sink. Brillo helps cut through grime and leaves tough-to-clean surfaces brilliant. Resists Odor: Open cell structure allows food to rinse out completely. Ergonomic Shape: Rests comfortably in your hand for easy scrubbing. Flat Edge: Allows the scrubber to stand straight for quicker drying. Pointed Edge: Perfect for small, hard to clean spaces. Cookware: Silverware; dishes & bowls; bakeware; glassware; utensils; pots & pans. Indoors: Stovetops & ovens; burners; tile floors; countertops; stainless-steel sinks; glass shower doors. Outdoors: Barbecue grills; tire/wheels; machinery & tools; outdoor patio; furniture; golf clubs. Family-owned since 1908.