Boomchickapop Trail Mix, Mountain

Chocolate covered popcorn, peanuts, cranberries, almond and cashews. Non GMO. Gluten free. Certified gluten-free. New. Popcorn trail mix. Real, simple ingredients. Nothing fake. A Pop of Positivity: Back when Dan and I first started popping popcorn in our Mankato garage, we wanted to teach our kids the value of hard work and have a little fun along the way. We also wanted a snack we felt good feeding them. Hugely flavorful snacks made with real, simple ingredients - you know, ingredients you don't have to scrunch up your face to say. Snack packed with positivity, not guilt. Then a new idea popped up. Add more Boom! Our Trail Mix is packed with ingredients you'll love, including caramel coated popcorn. Whether hiking to a board meeting or on the road less traveled, be sure to pack a crunch, flavorful snack like Angie's Boomchickapop trail mix. Happy trails! XO, - Angie. Try our popcorn too! Sea salt popcorn; Sweet & salty kettle corn.