Almond Breeze Almondmilk, Extra Creamy 59 fl oz

New. Creamier taste. The best almonds make the best almondmilk, grown by our California family farmers! For over 100 years, our co-op of California family-owned orchards has been dedicated to growing the best almonds that give Almond Breeze the delicious creamy taste you love. Be dairy delighted without the dairy. Taste all the goodness of almondmilk with all the creaminess of dairy milk. We make it with almond oil to give you the smooth, creamy taste you love with fewer calories (46% fewer calories. 1 cup of regular dairy milk contains 150 calories vs 1 cup of almond breeze contains 80 calories) than cow's milk. Woo! Carrageenan-free. Casein free. How we are making a difference for future generations; Plant-Based; Almondmilk produces 78% less carbon emissions than dairy milk, is naturally vegan and uses no animal products. Water Reduction; California almond growers continue to focus on water responsibility by reducing their overall usage. Honeybee Ecosystem; Almond Breeze partners with Project Apis m. to help Honeybees thrive, before, during and after the almond bloom. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives at